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Next Step Dance News!

The Next Step will re-open for Fall Dance Camps beginning Tuesday, September 8th! Camps will be taught in person and/or via zoom. Camps will be taught outside whenever possible.

As we safely go back to teaching dance IN the studio, we will be implementing new studio policies, as listed below. If you have any questions regarding these new policies, please let us know. We can't wait to see you in person!

Next Step Safety Guidelines:

  1. Only 12 dancers and two instructors will be allowed to enter the studio at once.
  2. Students may bring one ziplock bag with bottled water, a snack and cell phone if needed.
  3. Dance shoes needed for the lesson should be placed in a separate gallon size ziplock bag.
  4. Dancers must remove their walking shoes and enter the studio barefoot. We will have a place for them to place their walking shoes outside the studio upon entry.  
  5. Each dancer's temperature will be taken with an infrared thermometer upon entry to the studio.
  6. Dancers may leave a towel outside of the studio with their walking shoes for longer camps. During breaks they may sit 6 feet apart on their towel outside. They will be supervised outside by their instructor.
  7. Dancers will stand 6 feet apart inside the dance studio and will not be allowed to touch each other. We will have floor markings placed around the studio so students know where to dance.
  8. Dancers ages 3-12 are not required to wear a mask according to the County Health Department, however they may do so if they prefer. We are currently waiting to hear from the County regarding dancers 12+. We'll be sure to keep you all updated on what they tell us. 
  9. Our staff will rigorously disinfect all surfaces touched by the dancers after each camp.
  10. We are counting on parents to please only send their child to the studio if they are healthy. We do realize that some students suffer from allergies annually.
  11. Parents are welcome to come in to the studio to speak to our office staff during office hours if necessary, however it’s best if all communications are through email or phone. 
  12. The lobbies and waiting areas at all studios will be closed. Dancers will only enter the studio when the lesson begins.
  13. Dancers will not be able to wait at the studio in between camps. We will reassess this once we see what the County's laws are.
  14. Please pull your dancer’s hair back in a neat and secure ponytail or bun prior to arrival, so that they are not fussing with their hair and inadvertently touching their face/head with their hands.
  15. If possible, please send your dancer with hand sanitizer or wipes to use before and after class. 
  16. The studio will do our best to provide hand sanitizer, supplies permitting, but would appreciate your help in making sure everyone is practicing top notch hand hygiene.
  17. Although dancers and small children are not required to wear a mask, we ask that all parents/caregivers wear masks during drop off/pick up, or any necessary office visits.
  18. We are SO excited to see students back in the studio. If your dancer's camp contains more than 12 students, we will organize a rotation (half via Zoom half in person).

Thank you in advance for adhering to these new policies as we adapt to the changing environment and continue to provide a safe, fun place to educate your child in the art of dance!

The Next Step Dance Studio is an organization that champions equality, diversity and inclusion. Our staff chose three incredible organizations to support. Black Visions Collective, Color of Change and NAACP Legal Defense Fund. Our families generously donated in June! As promised, we took the sum of those contributions, added our own donation to the total, and split it into three even amounts, then sent the donations to each organization. Thank you to all our Next Step Families for your generosity and support! 

The Next Step raised $9,381.40 for C.A.S.A., Court Appointed Special Advocates for Children at our Charity Gala! Thank you to everyone for your support!

Dance Shoes & Class Uniforms - The Next Step has an on-line store for required dance shoes, uniforms for some classes and suggested dance apparel for all others. The service is quick, easy and convenient for parents. A shoe-sizing kit is available at our Village Office 109-A Town & Country Dr., and all items are shipped directly to your home. All classes have required dance shoes. Click the Dress Code link to see if your class has a uniform. Click the shop link to order your required shoes and uniforms now if you haven't already done so.













​The Next Step Dance Studio Event Calendar

Fall Camps taught in person and/or via zoom
• Please see our new safety guidelines in our news section 

Tuesday, September 8th, 2020

• Fall Camps Begin